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massive giveaway at ohhellofriend

so, there’s this giant giant giant giveaway going on at ohhellofriend right now! go check it out, because you can enter up to 5 times to win $275 worth of handmade goods. one winner takes it all home!

you may remember ohhellofriend from one of my previous blog wishlist posts, where i featured one of her adorable brooches. i put it up on the blog because i was sad that i found it in her “sold items” section, and could no longer buy it. but alas! it was back when i checked today, so i snatched one right up! :) i’m so excited!

so, be sure to check out the giveaway and enter a few times, there’s lots of great stuff to win!


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wishlist wednesday

carved glass pendant necklace by ohhellofriend

i have a ridiculous crush on this necklace, with it’s cutely vintage carved glass pendant. i would pay double for it. fr rlz.

paper airplane dress by zoechen +

this dress is another crush this week. this color gray just looks flattering on anyone, i’m pretty sure, and i love the little screenprinted paper airplanes at the bottom! comfy material, darts in all the the right places, and a cowl neckline? umm, 5 of them please? i will be ordering this soon.

handmade leather journal by twingypsyjournals +

ok, this journal is ridiculously cool. from it’s soft italian lambskin cover, hand-stained pages (with coffee!), perfect mustard yellow belly strap, or hand-wood stained button, how is this handmade leather journal NOT worth the $35.00? a. must. have.

what sorts of things are you wishing you could buy this week?

only two days until the weekend! woo!

ok, i should probably get to work now, i’ve been home meaning to make things now for a good 3 hours, and i haven’t done anything¬† yet but drool over things online…!


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