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thrifting + mem. day flea market finds

R and i went to a giant flea market with my mom on memorial day, and i bought a few little handmade barbie dresses for a dollar a piece. so dang cute! (there are lots more photos of these dresses! see the whole flickr set of thrifted items here.)

also, found a few odds and ends, like this HUGE lot of sewing notions. it was all in one box labeled “whole box:$1”. i thought they were lying, but they weren’t! best find of the season, i tripled my zipper stash, even if i don’t use any of the ribbon, and the cute little mirror that’s all rusty and old is probably my favorite thing. the mirror itself is worth the $1 i paid for all of it. really, it’s garage sales like this that make my life just that much happier. :)

pretty incredible, no? there were also more things in the box that were broken/unusable that i just threw away, so you can imagine how big this box was and how happy they were to get rid of it apparently! also got this giant, lidless jar for $3, and it’s perfect for holding all my new zippers! it’s nice to be able to see all the colors i have to use as inspiration when making bags. i hate making an awesome bag and then not having a zipper in the right color! so now it will be easier to pick the zipper first. :)

anyway, hope you guys had a great weekend! i’m still getting over a little bit of a nasty cold, but i’m feeling a little better than yesterday, so that’s good.

have a great week!



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massive giveaway at ohhellofriend

so, there’s this giant giant giant giveaway going on at ohhellofriend right now! go check it out, because you can enter up to 5 times to win $275 worth of handmade goods. one winner takes it all home!

you may remember ohhellofriend from one of my previous blog wishlist posts, where i featured one of her adorable brooches. i put it up on the blog because i was sad that i found it in her “sold items” section, and could no longer buy it. but alas! it was back when i checked today, so i snatched one right up! :) i’m so excited!

so, be sure to check out the giveaway and enter a few times, there’s lots of great stuff to win!

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