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massive giveaway at ohhellofriend

so, there’s this giant giant giant giveaway going on at ohhellofriend right now! go check it out, because you can enter up to 5 times to win $275 worth of handmade goods. one winner takes it all home!

you may remember ohhellofriend from one of my previous blog wishlist posts, where i featured one of her adorable brooches. i put it up on the blog because i was sad that i found it in her “sold items” section, and could no longer buy it. but alas! it was back when i checked today, so i snatched one right up! :) i’m so excited!

so, be sure to check out the giveaway and enter a few times, there’s lots of great stuff to win!


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wishlist wednesday

this week’s been going by much to quickly, and i haven’t even had much of a chance to do any internet window shopping…

so these are some picks from quite a while ago, actually. and most of them have unfortunately already sold, so i’ll be dedicating this post to “the ones that got away”.

dang. :(

vintage suitcase pet bed by vintagerenaissance +

ecology of flowers print by swallowfield +

holga camera from urbanoutfitters +

ok that last one isn’t sold out, nor is it from etsy. but dang, i want one! :) it takes 35mm film and with no editing whatsoever, takes photos like this:

photo from flickr user kidperez  +

also, the camera has an add-on you can buy for it that converts it to an instant camera not unlike the lovely and now extinct polaroid. SEE? freaking awesome. i can haz one too?

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wednesday art showcase – christine berrie

my wednesday art showcase post is up on the papernstitch blog! go check it out, this week’s feature artist has an amazing eye for detail. you won’t want to miss it!

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shop updates. new stuff and new sale items!

i added a bunch of new stuff to the shop yesterday after taking photos in the morning!
go check it out, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start looking for some gifts for those grad parties you’re likely getting ready to attend!

ocean leaf necklace

opaline raindrop necklace

sky rose necklace

icy orb necklace and earrings (separated, image is linked to listing for necklace only)

rose nectar earrings

there are all the ones i made last night! :)
i also shifted around some stuff in my shop, getting ready for lots more new stuff.
there is now a SALE SECTION in my shop, so be sure to check it out for some great deals!

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i added some new stuff to my shop!

you should head over to …pangea! because i’ve been working hard on new jewelry designs, and even figured out how to oxidize brass!

i found out that it saves a lot of money on supplies if i buy raw brass stuff and then oxidize it myself, so that’s what i’ve been trying out…

here’s a new ring i’ve listed (click on the photos to buy):

The English Garden Ring (in four colors!)

and a couple new lockets (from my first oxidize session!)

London Dust Locket                &                    Peasant Locket

i’ll take some photos of a few more new ones tomorrow morning too, so i’ll have lots of new stuff in the shop in the next few days!
it’s a good time to order a gift for your mother!

have a great Tuesday!


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Etsy Shop of the Week – GenevieveGail

good morning, blogworld!

how was your weekend?

the etsy shop of the week this week is one i actually just found over the weekend. GenevieveGail‘s beautiful woodcut jewelry has me swooning a little bit, so i thought i’d share it with you as this week’s feature shop!

this little fawn necklace will be my next etsy purchase, so cute!

so make sure to go check out GenevieveGail’s etsy shop, her blog, and her twitter!

have a great day!


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Wednesday Art Showcase – Aliette

my guest column over at papernstitch is up today (and every wednesday!). check it out!

parisian illustrator/graphic designer, aliette, is the feature!

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