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Etsy Shop of the Week – QuietDoing

college ruled checkbook holder/wallet +

maybe it’s because i’ve always loved the look of a blank page, but this wallet and the little shop i found it in had me at first click.

keys bifold wallet +

this piano keys one is great too, i think it might be hard for me not to lay this out on a table flat and pretend to play it. ha. is it sad that i’m not lying?

tapes zip pouch +

paisley and green clutch +

and you pretty much can’t go wrong with mixtapes and teal clutches, right? right. so. check out QuietDoing‘s shop, there’s lots more to see, and lots of fun screenprinted and vegan leather appliqued goodies! :)

happy monday! :)


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Etsy Shop of the Week – OliveVintage

vintage letter J from OliveVintage +

this cute vintage housewares shop has been on the top of my list to share with you, because the stuff is so cute and unique. like this cute letter ‘j’ decoration.

Vintage Swan Family from OliveVintage +

Or this awesome brass swan family (my love of this one may be because i just bought myself a little brass deer from the thrift store this last week, and now i’m thinking of starting some sort of crazy collection….i may or may not have too many collections.)

Vintage Cream and Sugar Set from OliveVintage +

or how about these cute little cream and sugar bowls. i’ve always been partial to ceramics with a white exterior and bright-colored interior, and these little 50s cream and sugar containers just might do the trick!

check out the OliveVintage etsy shop, there’s plenty of fun things to find there! :) (there’s also a blog, if you’re interested!)

hope you’re having a good monday! here’s to a good week…

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etsy shop of the week – block party press

this week’s featured shop is Block Party Press. i just love the uses of polymer clay (maybe because i’ve been reading up on polymer clay and trying to decide if i want to delve into or not, it seems i have too many things going already…). the magnet set above is one of my favorites of her designs.

i especially love the distressed quality she gives them. it makes them so earthy and gorgeous.

she has a lot of different things in her shop with these cute designs, from earrings and rings, to cuff links and magnets, there are even a few tie tacks thrown in there for good measure. overall, a very cute shop!

i hope you will go check out block party press’s blog and etsy shop!

happy monday!

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etsy shop of the week – appetite

hello blogworld!

just dropping in to give you my etsy shop of the week. mondays are my favorite blog days!

this week, i’ve chosen the shop Appetite, where you will find screenprinted, handmade bags.

this next one is my very favorite in her shop, but everyone knows how i feel about little birdies! :)

well, sorry this is short, but i’ve got to head off to work now! be sure to check out appetite’s shop on etsy, and the blog, too!

have a great week!


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Etsy Shop of the Week – GenevieveGail

good morning, blogworld!

how was your weekend?

the etsy shop of the week this week is one i actually just found over the weekend. GenevieveGail‘s beautiful woodcut jewelry has me swooning a little bit, so i thought i’d share it with you as this week’s feature shop!

this little fawn necklace will be my next etsy purchase, so cute!

so make sure to go check out GenevieveGail’s etsy shop, her blog, and her twitter!

have a great day!


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Etsy Shop of the Week – Track and Field

this week, i am in love with track and field’s etsy shop (and blog!)

i recently purchased this pretty little number (which serves to hold all of my loose change and business receipts in my purse until i have a chance to file them away for safe keeping),

and this new pillow she recently added to her shop is fantastic! i think i need one. make that two, please! :)

also, this laptop bag cracks me up (in a good way), because i feel like it should have a slogan: “house your new typing machine in a vintage one!”


check out track and field designs on etsy, and take a little trip to her blog as well.


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