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Wednesday Art Showcase

fox in the woods print by eekdesigns +

my post over at PaperNStitch is up! i featured the artist above, check out the full story here.


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Wishlist Wednesday

Mustard Fancy Bunny by StitchFace +

there is really no reason for it, but i need this bunny. she is just so freaking adorable. mustard yellow? check. lace? check. vintage buttons? check. handmade? double check. i’m just sad that she’s $25 +$6 shipping. i don’t think i’ll be able to purchase her before someone else does. but i can dream. and maybe put her picture on my wall. would that be creepy?

Vintage Elephant Spoon Rest from OliveVintage +

aAnd this awesome vintage elephant spoon rest from Olive Vintage (the shop of the week this week!) R and i still haven’t gotten a proper spoon rest and have been using various plates and lids that tend to tip over and make the spoon tip over. we need one that’s actually made to BE a spoon rest, and i think i may have my heart set on this one.

May You Have Two Arms To Hold You by FreyaArt +

and this print is at the top of my list of things to buy for the new house too. except two things about it are making me hesitate. it’s $45 +$10 shipping (from the UK), and it’s an A4 size print (a UK size), and nearly impossible to find a frame to fit it anywhere near here. but i do love it. there may be some exceptions that i can make, but after buying a house, we’ll see how my finances are… :)

have a lovely day!


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wednesday art showcase on PnS

illustration by naokosstoop +

my wednesday art showcase post is up on PaperNStitch. go check it out!

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