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vintage photo friday – at the bar

hello blogworld! today i have a great vintage photo for you, it’s R’s grandpa’s friends!

i particularly love the Hamm’s sign in the background of this one. and the glittery looking bar. lol.

R and i are heading to some garage sales and real estate open houses tomorrow, a movie tomorrow night with some friends and then to a big flea market on sunday. pretty excited!

have a lovely weekend!


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Vintage Photo Friday – Boat trips

as you might remember, this is quite similar to this one, and that’s because it was taken on the same day. :) that’s R’s mom standing at the end of the dock.  i love the sun beams in these photos. they make everything so…pretty.

have a good weekend, folks! i’m helping a friend move tomorrow, and after that we might be going to this sweet movie as a double date. hooray!

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Vintage Photo Friday – Puppy!

This photo is another one from R’s mom. Don’t know why, but I have a little collection of old photos of people with their pets (as i’ve mentioned before, and i realize this is just the pet…but he’s still cute!), so this one fits right in.

(Sorry this one’s short, but I’m visiting my parents for the long weekend, so I don’t have much time for internets…)

Have a great weekend!

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Vintage Photo Friday – Pet Fox? Pet Fox!

i actually have two nice little vintage photo treats for you today!

these two photos are actually from R’s mom, and that’s actually her as a little girl in the first photo and again sitting next to her mother in the second photo. i guess they had a pet red-tailed fox growing up! how cool would that be?!

these photos are just so incredible, i don’t know how much more i can add to them by typing, so i’ll leave it at this: R, dearest. i would like a pet fox for my next birthday. please?

(p.s. i’m starting to scan in and upload every old photo of ryan’s family that he has right now, which is well over 50, so my vintage photo fridays will all be within his family history from now until further notice! there are so many great ones, be sure to check back every friday!)

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