Stop Motion Sunday (sorry!)

so i completely blanked and forgot to post this yesterday. turns out i’m not so good at remember what day it is… so it’s stop motion sunday this week instead of saturday. hopefully you don’t mind too horribly much.

R and i went to some awesome garage sales this weekend. we ended up only being out for about an hour and found so much stuff!
i’ll try to take pictures and show you what i got. also, got a lot of stuff to show you from memorial weekend flea markets too (that i have yet to finish editing…) soon though! :D

hope you had a great weekend!


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Vintage Photo Friday – Boat trips

as you might remember, this is quite similar to this one, and that’s because it was taken on the same day. :) that’s R’s mom standing at the end of the dock.¬† i love the sun beams in these photos. they make everything so…pretty.

have a good weekend, folks! i’m helping a friend move tomorrow, and after that we might be going to this sweet movie as a double date. hooray!

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wishlist wednesday

this week’s been going by much to quickly, and i haven’t even had much of a chance to do any internet window shopping…

so these are some picks from quite a while ago, actually. and most of them have unfortunately already sold, so i’ll be dedicating this post to “the ones that got away”.

dang. :(

vintage suitcase pet bed by vintagerenaissance +

ecology of flowers print by swallowfield +

holga camera from urbanoutfitters +

ok that last one isn’t sold out, nor is it from etsy. but dang, i want one! :) it takes 35mm film and with no editing whatsoever, takes photos like this:

photo from flickr user kidperez  +

also, the camera has an add-on you can buy for it that converts it to an instant camera not unlike the lovely and now extinct polaroid. SEE? freaking awesome. i can haz one too?

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wednesday art showcase – christine berrie

my wednesday art showcase post is up on the papernstitch blog! go check it out, this week’s feature artist has an amazing eye for detail. you won’t want to miss it!

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no ESotW or SMS this weeeeek….

(all images in this post were taken by me. click any of them to see higher resolutions.)

sorry guys, since i was so late in putting it up, i figured instead of giving the feature shop only a few days of the week to be featured, i’d just skip it for this week and start up again next monday with the Etsy Shop of the Week. that way it’s all fair and whatnot. :)

also, as you probably noticed (or maybe you didn’t, but that makes me sad :(…) there was no Stop Motion Saturday post either. blame it on the government holiday (in the US) on Monday and me being home with my family all weekend…

(and because i was busy-busy all day today and out of town yesterday and doing all sorts of cyberslacking lately…)

so instead, i will leave you with some pretties from the weekend:

we spent a whole day almost in my mom’s backyard (which is gorgeous, and i hope one day mine will look as great/relaxing/awesome.)

well. have a good night!

see you tomorrow morning with wishlist wednesday! :D


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Vintage Photo Friday – Puppy!

This photo is another one from R’s mom. Don’t know why, but I have a little collection of old photos of people with their pets (as i’ve mentioned before, and i realize this is just the pet…but he’s still cute!), so this one fits right in.

(Sorry this one’s short, but I’m visiting my parents for the long weekend, so I don’t have much time for internets…)

Have a great weekend!

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Wishlist Wednesday

Mustard Fancy Bunny by StitchFace +

there is really no reason for it, but i need this bunny. she is just so freaking adorable. mustard yellow? check. lace? check. vintage buttons? check. handmade? double check. i’m just sad that she’s $25 +$6 shipping. i don’t think i’ll be able to purchase her before someone else does. but i can dream. and maybe put her picture on my wall. would that be creepy?

Vintage Elephant Spoon Rest from OliveVintage +

aAnd this awesome vintage elephant spoon rest from Olive Vintage (the shop of the week this week!) R and i still haven’t gotten a proper spoon rest and have been using various plates and lids that tend to tip over and make the spoon tip over. we need one that’s actually made to BE a spoon rest, and i think i may have my heart set on this one.

May You Have Two Arms To Hold You by FreyaArt +

and this print is at the top of my list of things to buy for the new house too. except two things about it are making me hesitate. it’s $45 +$10 shipping (from the UK), and it’s an A4 size print (a UK size), and nearly impossible to find a frame to fit it anywhere near here. but i do love it. there may be some exceptions that i can make, but after buying a house, we’ll see how my finances are… :)

have a lovely day!


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