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new blog and website!!!

hey guys!

i finally did it and got a hosting package and built my own website (and got a self-hosted wordpress blog), but unfortunatly that means your RSS feeds to this one will no longer work (well, they’ll work but there will be no updates at this blog anymore).

SO, in order to not miss anything, please delete this feed from your feed readers and go to this new location: and click on the big “RSS” link at the top of the sidebar on the right. this will update your feedreaders. hooray!

i’m working on getting an email subscribe link up there too, so if you were subscribed using that, i’ll have a new one there soon for you to subscribe to.

don’t worry about the old blog posts though, they’re all transferred to that one, so the only thing that will be different (besides the new snazzy layout!) is the web address! hooray! :D

thanks for your patience, everyone! i promise to get back to my regular blogging schedule now!

Be sure to check out my new new new website that only took me about 24 hours straight to code! lol.


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i’m a sponsor at yellowgoat!

for the next month, i am one of the new sponsors of the beautiful yellowgoat blog! check out the lovely feature here, and her lovely etsy shop here. thanks, yellowgoat! :D

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thrifting + mem. day flea market finds

R and i went to a giant flea market with my mom on memorial day, and i bought a few little handmade barbie dresses for a dollar a piece. so dang cute! (there are lots more photos of these dresses! see the whole flickr set of thrifted items here.)

also, found a few odds and ends, like this HUGE lot of sewing notions. it was all in one box labeled “whole box:$1”. i thought they were lying, but they weren’t! best find of the season, i tripled my zipper stash, even if i don’t use any of the ribbon, and the cute little mirror that’s all rusty and old is probably my favorite thing. the mirror itself is worth the $1 i paid for all of it. really, it’s garage sales like this that make my life just that much happier. :)

pretty incredible, no? there were also more things in the box that were broken/unusable that i just threw away, so you can imagine how big this box was and how happy they were to get rid of it apparently! also got this giant, lidless jar for $3, and it’s perfect for holding all my new zippers! it’s nice to be able to see all the colors i have to use as inspiration when making bags. i hate making an awesome bag and then not having a zipper in the right color! so now it will be easier to pick the zipper first. :)

anyway, hope you guys had a great weekend! i’m still getting over a little bit of a nasty cold, but i’m feeling a little better than yesterday, so that’s good.

have a great week!


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massive giveaway at ohhellofriend

so, there’s this giant giant giant giveaway going on at ohhellofriend right now! go check it out, because you can enter up to 5 times to win $275 worth of handmade goods. one winner takes it all home!

you may remember ohhellofriend from one of my previous blog wishlist posts, where i featured one of her adorable brooches. i put it up on the blog because i was sad that i found it in her “sold items” section, and could no longer buy it. but alas! it was back when i checked today, so i snatched one right up! :) i’m so excited!

so, be sure to check out the giveaway and enter a few times, there’s lots of great stuff to win!

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Stop Motion Sunday (sorry!)

so i completely blanked and forgot to post this yesterday. turns out i’m not so good at remember what day it is… so it’s stop motion sunday this week instead of saturday. hopefully you don’t mind too horribly much.

R and i went to some awesome garage sales this weekend. we ended up only being out for about an hour and found so much stuff!
i’ll try to take pictures and show you what i got. also, got a lot of stuff to show you from memorial weekend flea markets too (that i have yet to finish editing…) soon though! :D

hope you had a great weekend!

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no ESotW or SMS this weeeeek….

(all images in this post were taken by me. click any of them to see higher resolutions.)

sorry guys, since i was so late in putting it up, i figured instead of giving the feature shop only a few days of the week to be featured, i’d just skip it for this week and start up again next monday with the Etsy Shop of the Week. that way it’s all fair and whatnot. :)

also, as you probably noticed (or maybe you didn’t, but that makes me sad :(…) there was no Stop Motion Saturday post either. blame it on the government holiday (in the US) on Monday and me being home with my family all weekend…

(and because i was busy-busy all day today and out of town yesterday and doing all sorts of cyberslacking lately…)

so instead, i will leave you with some pretties from the weekend:

we spent a whole day almost in my mom’s backyard (which is gorgeous, and i hope one day mine will look as great/relaxing/awesome.)

well. have a good night!

see you tomorrow morning with wishlist wednesday! :D


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shop updates. new stuff and new sale items!

i added a bunch of new stuff to the shop yesterday after taking photos in the morning!
go check it out, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start looking for some gifts for those grad parties you’re likely getting ready to attend!

ocean leaf necklace

opaline raindrop necklace

sky rose necklace

icy orb necklace and earrings (separated, image is linked to listing for necklace only)

rose nectar earrings

there are all the ones i made last night! :)
i also shifted around some stuff in my shop, getting ready for lots more new stuff.
there is now a SALE SECTION in my shop, so be sure to check it out for some great deals!

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