new blog and website!!!

hey guys!

i finally did it and got a hosting package and built my own website (and got a self-hosted wordpress blog), but unfortunatly that means your RSS feeds to this one will no longer work (well, they’ll work but there will be no updates at this blog anymore).

SO, in order to not miss anything, please delete this feed from your feed readers and go to this new location: and click on the big “RSS” link at the top of the sidebar on the right. this will update your feedreaders. hooray!

i’m working on getting an email subscribe link up there too, so if you were subscribed using that, i’ll have a new one there soon for you to subscribe to.

don’t worry about the old blog posts though, they’re all transferred to that one, so the only thing that will be different (besides the new snazzy layout!) is the web address! hooray! :D

thanks for your patience, everyone! i promise to get back to my regular blogging schedule now!

Be sure to check out my new new new website that only took me about 24 hours straight to code! lol.


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