no ESotW or SMS this weeeeek….

(all images in this post were taken by me. click any of them to see higher resolutions.)

sorry guys, since i was so late in putting it up, i figured instead of giving the feature shop only a few days of the week to be featured, i’d just skip it for this week and start up again next monday with the Etsy Shop of the Week. that way it’s all fair and whatnot. :)

also, as you probably noticed (or maybe you didn’t, but that makes me sad :(…) there was no Stop Motion Saturday post either. blame it on the government holiday (in the US) on Monday and me being home with my family all weekend…

(and because i was busy-busy all day today and out of town yesterday and doing all sorts of cyberslacking lately…)

so instead, i will leave you with some pretties from the weekend:

we spent a whole day almost in my mom’s backyard (which is gorgeous, and i hope one day mine will look as great/relaxing/awesome.)

well. have a good night!

see you tomorrow morning with wishlist wednesday! :D



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2 responses to “no ESotW or SMS this weeeeek….

  1. Paula

    Nice pics – didn’t know my yard looked that good :-) lol You’re a great photographer! Love you, Mom

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