Etsy Shop of the Week – OliveVintage

vintage letter J from OliveVintage +

this cute vintage housewares shop has been on the top of my list to share with you, because the stuff is so cute and unique. like this cute letter ‘j’ decoration.

Vintage Swan Family from OliveVintage +

Or this awesome brass swan family (my love of this one may be because i just bought myself a little brass deer from the thrift store this last week, and now i’m thinking of starting some sort of crazy collection….i may or may not have too many collections.)

Vintage Cream and Sugar Set from OliveVintage +

or how about these cute little cream and sugar bowls. i’ve always been partial to ceramics with a white exterior and bright-colored interior, and these little 50s cream and sugar containers just might do the trick!

check out the OliveVintage etsy shop, there’s plenty of fun things to find there! :) (there’s also a blog, if you’re interested!)

hope you’re having a good monday! here’s to a good week…


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