a little handmade love

so i spent a little time this week preparing this little note for my lovely R. It was sparked by a decision that our vows would be written by us, to each other instead of the “repeat after me” kind, led by the officiant.

so we decided that we’d do them by each simply making a list, in which every line starts with either “i promise to…” or “i love you because…”

as a precursor to writing them, i thought i’d give him a little taste of some of the sillier things that maybe i can’t actually write into the vows themselves (and maybe some of the serious ones that i can too).

it panned out like this:

i printed out a bunch of 4×6 photos from my computer, let the ink dry,

and wrote on them with permanent marker.

then made the envelope out of a piece of scrapbooking paper (by just unfolding a regular old greeting card envelope and tracing it onto the back of the scrapbooking page, cutting it out and folding it back up. pretty easy!).

then i drove to his work, and left it in his car for him to find when he got done tonight. :)

if you’d like to see the whole thing, here’s the flickr set.

:) hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!



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3 responses to “a little handmade love

  1. Lindsay

    What a cute idea! I love it!

  2. that is so amzingly sweet. i can’t wait to have a love like that and use my creativity to tell him so.


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