vintage photo friday – steeplechaser

hello, blogworld!

i didn’t have time to upload any of my own old photos from the collection, but i found this one on flickr that’s insanely cool, so i thought i’d share it with you instead.

it’s of an old steeplechaser (as they called them, they built the high rise buildings back then) and that is the skyline of new york you see behind him.

VERY cool.

(via sugarpacketchad, on flickr.)

so what are you cats up to this weekend?

R has a show on Saturday night, and I have some serious supply/stock-up shopping to do, because i just got a call from the second little shop in fargo that’s selling my jewelry saying that they need more because they sold out of everything i brought them last week already! :D

so i’ll be busy this weekend working on that.

on a side note: i also got quite a few new things up in the shop this week, (with even more to photograph if you can believe it…)

check them out here.

have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “vintage photo friday – steeplechaser

  1. Kat

    I did a little stock shopping today, too. Shows coming up! I gotta get ready!

    Lovely blog. I’m following you…
    (That sounded super creepy :P)

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