where’s wearable wednesday?

well, sorry to inform you of this, but i think i’m going to discontinue wearable wednesday for right now.

it may come back in the near future though, don’t you worry. but for right now, i’m switching wednesday to “weekly wishlist wednesday” where i’ll tell you about a few things on my wishlist for that week. hope i didn’t disappoint too many people!

but i promise this one will be good too! and easier for me to keep up with. i need to find a better way to post about outfits without using polyvore, and not having photoshop right now is making it difficult for me to put images together in any sort of coherent way, so i apologize, but for logistical reasons, i will have to discontinue “wearable wednesday”…

so, instead:

Weekly Wishlist Wednesday!!

(hooray for alliterations! can you tell i was an english major in college? *rolls eyes*)

at the tip-top of my list of things that i want:

a new bag! summery, handmade and screenprinted by appetite!

and this perfectly perfect bouquet of fabric roses (on real branches!) would be just exactly what i want my wedding to be like. (but alas, it’s $180 for this listing, which is for 3 dozen roses!) from allencompanyinc.

letterpress, anyone? i’ve been gauking at this shop for the past week, fully aware that i will never buy a letterpress. but that doesn’t mean that i can’t dream!

ok, time for me to go to bed now, it’s late!
see you all again soon!

stay tuned because i’m adding more brand new stuff to my shop tomorrow!
(aren’t you excited? :D)



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