Vintage Photo Friday – Boat Trip

happy may day!

today’s vintage photo is actually of R’s mom’s family from the ….60s? might be 50s, shoot i can’t remember! i love the scalloped edges of photos from this era, though.

and the little girl on the right is actually my future mother-in-law. :)

i’ve been listening to some audio books at my day job quite a bit this week. right now “the kiss” by anton chekhov and yesterday was “the murders at the rue morgue” by edgar a. poe (and btw, i was VERY disappointed at the ending of this story. stupid. :(  )

what are you guys up to for the weekend?

i’ve got to work my last day at the bead store, and then sunday will be full of business stuff, so i can figure out how many sales in a month i need to make on a regular basis before i can quit my job! :D

have a great weekend, and check back tomorrow for stop motion saturday! :D



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2 responses to “Vintage Photo Friday – Boat Trip

  1. Nostalgia personified.

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