vintage photo friday – “little boy, under the old oak tree”

happy friday, everyone!

R and i went antique-ing last weekend and found some sweet sweet deals on vintage photographs, so we picked up a bunch of them! i bet we have over 30…a great start!

he likes to use them in his gig posters, and i collect photos of people with their pets/animals. (more coming soon! i have a legitamately solid collection started now!)

this one is so incredibly perfect though, it has to be one of my favorites that we found. i dream that this little boy’s name is “agnus” or “merle” or something equally as rugged and cute as hell.

it reminds me of old movies, most notably to kill a mockingbird. probably because his hair is just so to the point that you know someone walked up to him right before this photo and licked her fingers to stick those frizzles back down on his head. (she probably had thick red nails, and a bob cut. i imagine her a bit like Jackie O.)
it’s so fun to think about what happened behind the camera or just before the shot, or just after the shot. did they think they got a good capture? were they anxious to develop the film? or did they take too long to take enough pictures and forget what photos they had taken until they were developed, months, maybe years later? i could go on forever…

what do you think about this one? any ideas?

(p.s. have a great weekend!)


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