clay flowers (p.s. it’s getting warm outside!)

for the first time in forever (i’m pretty sure that’s literally) it’s colder in my apartment than it is outside, and i don’t have air conditioning or anything. just cold cold cement walls and crazy basement drafts. the nice weather makes me really homesick, and for no apparent reason. but it’s not really a bad homesick, just a general nostalgic feeling. i feel like it hasn’t been summer in five years, at least. ice age anyone? ok, i blame it on living in north dakota for the past five years, but it’s not like summer doesn’t happen here. it just happens a lot slower than anywhere else i’ve been. on the upside, hopefully we won’t need too much air-conditioning this summer!

my hands are freezing, though! brrrr.

anyway, the reason i came here was because i found this wicked clay flower necklace by FancifulForm on the front page of etsy and i wanted to share it. (read: buy it.)

she makes each of these flowers by hand, petal by petal. and they turn out just smashing as necklace pendants, earrings, and even rings.

she also has these wonderful little mushrooms (which would be great as decorations in that terrarium i’ve been meaning to start…) and this table sculpture that are catching my fancy right now.

ok, back to work.


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