Wearable Wednesday – The Plaid Dress

i’ve recently made a pact with myself to try to wear a dress every day of the summer. i’ve started out my collection and added a few sweaters because my FT job feels the need to use air-conditioning, even in the winter.  so i’ve been scouring the web for summer dress deals because i feel slightly guilty for splurging on things that make me feel guilty, what with having a wedding/honeymoon/buying-a-house savings account looming around in the background…

i’ve been swooning over this cute plaid ruffle dress from forever21.com (can you believe it’s only $29.80!?)

orange plaid dress

brown beltbrown sandals

and i really love this braided belt and these floppy brown sandals, and all together the outfit comes to less than $60!

on a side note, i’ve updated more in my jewelry shop! check it out on etsy:  …pangea!

also, don’t forget to stop by for vintage photo friday!
i’m pretty excited about this one, r and i found some really cool old photos at the antique store last weekend.


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