some racing, some stopping

i really can’t get enough  of this song at the moment.

R and i went to the Headlights show (last week? the week before? my days are getting away from me…) and heard these guys play and they were incredible.

a band featuring a girl singer with a pretty-pretty voice will get me any day.

have a listen:

in the process of adding quite a few new pieces of jewelry to …pangea! as well. check it out!

it’s sort of hard to get used to posting to this new blog, because i already got used to blogger, and this is my first time using wordpress, and for some reason i feel like i’m posting to a different audience…but it’s really not different, i just have so many expectations for this blog that it’s hard to narrow them down and be myself in the commentary of the post. so, bear with me and i promise i’ll get better at it. :)

also: tomorrow is Wearable Wednesday! stay tuned!


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